Which all courses are we offering?

Smoke and Live Fire Training


Practical training and actual handling of the emergency equipment covering the following elements:

  • Chemistry of Fire, Fire Prevention,
  • Classification of fire extinguishers,
  • Classification of PBE's (Protective Breathing Equipment),
  • Classification of Fires,
  • Ground-based Emergency Services,
  • Practical Fire Fighting & Smoke Handling including Donning and
  • Use of PBE in a simulated smoke filled training area.

Cabin attendants gain valuable fire fighting experience in an Aircraft-Cabin Fire Trainer, a fuselage shaped structure designed to place participants in a setting that replicates the confined space of the aircraft and the intense challenges associated with fire and smoke in the cabin.

Fire Trainer offers

  • Lithium battery fire and smoke
  • Seat fire and smoke
  • Lavatory waste bin fire and smoke
  • Oven fire and smoke
  • Luggage bin fire and smoke
  • Trolley fire and smoke
  • Complete touch screen IOS offers both Cabin & LAV smoke alert.