Which all courses are we offering?

A-320 CEET (Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer)


With smoke and audio capabilities – simulates a lifelike cabin environment, providing optimum conditions for integrated safety and service training scenarios. These trainers include FAA-accepted emergency exits and other interior features which are a replica of their own fleet type. Mounted base frame with a wing which allows evacuation from the cabin through the overwing exit, forward galley area with passenger and cabin attendant seats, aircraft harness and stowage boxes.

Cabin interior offers

  • Replica window panels,
  • Outboard light diffusers,
  • Overhead stowage bins with oxygen drop down mask.

Forward galley area offers

  • FWD Lavatory
  • FWD closet area, provisions for Cart
  • Atlas box ovens (synthetic fire and smoke)
  • Ceiling lights with speakers.

L1 door offers various door failure malfunctions like

  • Handle Jam, Door Jam
  • Power Assist Failure
  • Slide Auto & Total Inflation Failure
  • Residual Pressure
  • Slide Pressure Low etc.,

Over Wing Exit offers

  • Various door failure malfunctions
  • Slide Auto & Total Inflation Failure etc.,

Electrical designs offers

  • PA Handsets,
  • Area Call Panels
  • Attendants Indication Panels etc.,

Forward Attendants Panel offers

  • Cabin Status
  • Audio Page
  • Light Page
  • Smoke Detection Page
  • Door/Slides page etc.,